Veterans Disability Attorney in Albany, Georgia

Attorney Keith Pflepsen handles claims for Veterans Disability Compensations before the Regional Office of Veterans Affairs in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as the Board of Veterans Appeals in Washington, D.C. Veterans are eligible for service connected disability compensation if they can prove that they have an injury, illness, or disease that occurred during military service. Certain specified tropical and chronic diseases are presumed to be service connected. The Veteran must also establish that the illness or disease that occurred in service is causing the Veteran a current disability. The regulations for Veterans compensation contain a schedule of ratings that assign a percentage of disability. Then it turns into monetary monthly payments to compensate the Veteran for loss in earning capacity. Veterans who are completely unable to hold down consistent gainful employment may be eligible for total disability due to individual un-employability. The Federal Regulations governing disability compensation are extremely complicated and present many pitfalls. Keith Pflepsen helps Veterans navigate through the appeals process and is able to present a well-structured case.
Veteran in wheelchair returned from army — Veterans disability in Albany, GA

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